letterpress vs foil


quick and dirty guide​

We’re often asked which of the two processes is best, or which one we prefer. And we always have to give a bit of a ‘fluffy’ answer! Some days I can’t help but love the super-luxe, shiny finish that foil offers, while other days, the crisp, deep impression of letterpress into a heavy, cotton board just cannot be beaten. (OK, OK, I can change my mind throughout the day, depending on the weather, and which way the wind is blowing. What can I say – I’m very indecisive!)

All of the designs in the collection can be either letterpress printed or foil stamped – it just depends on the look you prefer.

The main difference between the two processes is that foil stamping allows us to print a variety of foils onto any coloured board you choose, while, with letterpress printing, the board is usually our lovely warm white shade, and it is the ink that changes colour. (Letterpress printing doesn’t allow us to print a light coloured ink onto a darker coloured board).

For a bit more of an in-depth description of the two processes, please take a look here.