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boy meets girl

the letterpress love story

You know the story; love letters, long romantic dates, walks in the park, wining and dining. Making invitations. OK, that bit doesn’t usually feature in a love story, but from this, Strawberry Sorbet was born!

Our passion for stationery extends beyond our day job, and we can often be found in stationery departments, running our fingers over print and sniffing ink. Yes, yes, we are used to the odd looks we receive! Together, apart from hoarding paper goods, we have a love of cocktails, scrummy wine and fabulous food. Exploring new places and re-energising on a sun lounger are two of our favourite pastimes.

the boy
the girl
the ginger one

I’m Andrew and I make up the printing side of the team, better known as the one who gets his hands dirty! I single handedly took apart a letterpress and put it back together, blindfolded with only the use of my feet. And I can weigh out and mix ink using the power of thought alone… Okay, okay, those are mostly big fibs. However, apart from loving letterpress and vintage printing machines, I have a penchant for architecture, craft beer (although I haven’t quite managed to brew it yet) and anything involving the sea, water or a beach.

I’m Sarah and I’m the designer of our stationery ship. I’m fuelled by copious amounts of tea, have an unhealthy obsession with Pinterest, and have to fight the Pat Butcher side of me that adores big earrings and leopard print. I’ve just married my handsome partner in crime at our perfect big day. But yes, we know the planning isn’t all fun and games! (Late night confetti cone making anyone?) Trust me, it’s all worth it in the end!

I’m Emma and I like to think of myself as the glamorous assistant (any excuse to wear sequins) to Sarah and Andrew’s wizardry. I am proud to be the squib of Strawberry Sorbet! I am the wrapper, packer and prettyfier and can be found in the finishing department, in fact, I am the finishing department. Essentially I get to do all the fun bits and steer clear of anything technical. Outside the studio I enjoy rummaging in junk shops, a bit of upcycling, binge reading, all things kitsch and like Sarah I am a lover of leopard print and anything sparkly, embrace the inner magpie!

Meet the presses

The Strawberry Sorbet team is made up of more than just people. Without our beautiful presses we wouldn’t be of much use to anyone. They’re beautiful beasts, each with its own quirks and personalities. They make the most amazing noises. Honestly, whenever I walk into the studio the hissing, wooshing and clinking noises brighten up my day. So, it’s only fair they get their own introductions.


Charlotte was our baby step in to the world of letterpress. Before this,our stationery adventure had been all about digital printing. She’s a beauty, but paper is hand fed into her, a single sheet at a time whilst you power her with your foot. This all seems fine and dandy until you trap a finger. We quickly learnt that while she is beautiful, Charlotte wasn’t going to allow us to give our customers exceptional quality items, every single time whilst keeping all of our fingers intact. So, we had to explore other options. And this is where we stumbled across her big brother!

And that was Hendrick, the second press brought into our fold. This was where Strawberry Sorbet really found its feet and got into its groove! It took quite some time for Andrew to get the little guy up and running – he had been a little unloved and needed a fair bit of TLC to bring him back to his best. Many late nights were spent taking him apart and then lovingly restoring him, and now he’s as good as new. He is currently living in our Hertfordshire studio, taking things easy. But will soon be back in the thick of it at the Aylesbury HQ, no doubt keeping the other two in check!

Henrietta is currently living in our new Aylesbury studio. She was the third press to join our gang, and is currently the workhorse of the group. She’s coming up to her 60th birthday, but she has no plans to collect her state pension just yet. She’s quite happy living out her retirement, slowly and carefully printing beautiful letterpress goodies. It’s a far cry from her younger days as a commercial printer, churning out around 5000 prints an hour, 24/7. I know, she looks pretty good for it, doesn’t she? All down to an excellent beauty regime, and daily precision oiling.