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Wedding Day Mood board – Neutrals

Nailing our big day palette is becoming pretty important. It’s now number one on the to-do list. I wish I had done so earlier on in the planning of the day – now I feel abit ‘rabbit-in-the-headlights’ trying to make a decision. Bridesmaids dresses and the boys ties need to be brought, the flowers need picking, and the general ‘look’ of the day needs nailing. Not to mention the invitations need designing and printing. (This is a close number 2 on the to-do list!) I’ve made so many mood boards and Pinterest boards, that my head is now in a bit of a spin.

Our venue is the gorgeous Jam Factory, and as well as being a restaurant and bar, it’s also an art gallery. This is one of the reasons we loved the place. But, we won’t know what they will be exhibiting until nearer the day, and even then, as amazing as Claire (the event co-coordinator) is, she isn’t going to be able to give me the Pantone references of every colour that will be used in every piece of artwork for me to match bouquets to. (I obviously haven’t asked for this, I haven’t yet gone quite that far down the bridezilla road to think this is a reasonable request!)

So, I’m thinking we need to keep things neutral to ensure everything works well together, and nothing clashes.


Maids | Tassels | Waistcoats | Flowers

My lovely bridesmaids can wear a combination of creams, golds and greys, and the flowers can be gorgeous bunches of mixed white blooms.

I think I’m settled on this, but I’m not 100% certain yet. I’m giving myself a week, and if I haven’t wobbled from this look, it’s a winner!

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