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I wasn’t one of those little girls at school who had a scrap book full of pretty pictures of wedding dresses, flowers and wedding cakes. So, despite having known from the moment we met that Andrew would end up being my Mr, when he popped the question, we had no idea of how we wanted our wedding day to look.

So, of course, being me, we made a list, (how un-romantic!) of all the things we knew we wanted from our wedding;

  • Everyone we loved attending (including all the little people, which meant an over-formal setting wouldn’t really suit)
  • Good food and drink (goes without saying!)

Yep. We had a list. A really small, pretty unhelpful list.

I panicked for a little while. You’d think being a designer working in the wedding industry, that I’d at least have some idea of how things should be. But in fact, it had totally the opposite effect. My job means I have a legitimate reason to scour wedding blogs and magazines everyday. I see pretty images. All. Day. Long. I get to see how all of our customers weddings will take shape. To be honest, it all got a little bit overwhelming. There were just too many images and ideas in my head.

I thought taking to Pinterest would help, but actually I had (have) so many boards full of general wedding pretty (for work purposes, obviously!) that my poor little designer-bride-to-be brain almost exploded. There wasn’t one particular look, colour or theme that stuck out to us.

My ideas and pins were all over the place. One minute I loved the thought of a sophisticated, black tie, cocktail and canapé do. (Yes, yes, I know, wouldn’t suit the small people, but I wasn’t thinking about the list at that point). But then got swept up in the idea of taking over a field and having a relaxed, bohemian, flowers-in-my-hair-and-wearing-wellies shin-dig. (I don’t know why I would be wearing wellies. It would of course be a beautiful sunny summer’s day, so this vision made no sense at all). More panic ensued.


Flowers in her hair | Table Decoration | Hay Bales | Watering Cans | Casual Dining

We then had a moment of clarity, and decided we would like the ceremony to take place in the church opposite his folks. And so followed us trying to find a local venue to hold the reception in. This isn’t the easiest task in a little Bucks village.

We looked at the local hotel, but it wasn’t quite right, a barn we could DIY (nice, but how would guests feel about a 45 minute drive between the two venues) and then, we had a brainwave. We could hold the reception in the in-laws’s back garden. Perfect.

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